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Welcome to the RabbitNET!! 

This is my personal clown corner of the internet, a hobby for me to work on, and a place to store and share things that I think are cool. This site will never be truly finished, so check back often!

Please have a look around and enjoy your stay :o)

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- Added U.B. Funkeys Shrine.

- Changed the background, more minor CSS changes.

- Tiny CSS Update: Added drop shadows to some containers on the homepage and sidebars.

- Added a 3 new pieces to Digital Art/Fan Art.

- Art section added
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My biggest hobby is art! I do digital art and pixel art primarily, but I also work in sculpture and some animation.

I started streaming on Twitch during the pandemic as Rabbit B. Clowning, my VTuber persona (who you'll see all over this site). I picked a rabbit clown because I love both of those things.

And now I guess I can add web design to this list of hobbies too!

Video Games 

I've been gaming since I was 2 years old, when my brother let me play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PS2. Despite this, I am very bad at video games. Despite that, I play basically every genre and type of game, whether I'm good at them or not

Some of my favourite games include:
Silent Hill 2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (heavily modded, obvs)

But my real passion in gaming lies in the obscure. I have a real interest in forgotten and underrated games, as well as cut content and unreleased things.

Movies & TV 

Much like everything else in my life, I love a variety of genres. The only genres of movies and TV that I can't really enjoy are romcoms and hard sci-fi.

My favourite TV show is probably Hannibal, although I'm also a huge fan of Succession and Parks and Recreation.

As for movies, I love horror films. My favourite horror franchise is Scream. I also love Beetlejuice (the film, I hate the musical), and The Batman (2022).

I'm also the world's biggest fan of The Matrix. You can't disprove that, it's a fact.


I LOVE CLOTHES!! I love looking at them and trying them on and drawing them and thinking about them.

Staples of my style include:
Long sleeved shirts with sweaters (I absolutely love baggy shirts and big sleeves)
Short skirts with shorts underneath (I absolutely HATE wearing pants, but I'm always scared I'm gonna flash people, hence the shorts.)
Harnesses and belts (this includes belt chains)
Y2K alternative stylings (Like waistcoats and arm warmers)
Platform shoes (I love being tall!)


My taste in music is really varied! My favourite genre is alternative, usually trending towards punk.

My favourite band of all time is Voxtrot, while my favourite individual performer is Lady Gaga, lmao.

If you want to peruse my favourite music, you can find my main Spotify playlist here. It has basically every song I've ever enjoyed, so I've grown out of some of it and it's an absolute mess of genres.

The only type of music I can't really enjoy are songs with incredibly screamy vocals. I'm getting too old for them!!

About the Webmaster

 Rabbit - She/He/They 

Hey! I'm Rabbit. I'm a clown, a rabbit, and artist from the UK :o)

I'm part of that wierd, older part of Gen Z that has a memory of the internet before it was reduced down to 5 whole websites, but was too young to really appreciate it.

So now I'm here! Capitalising on my adult brain and ability to copy and paste code in order to carve out a little niche for myself, untainted by the opinions of techbro billionaires or people I went to school with.

In other news, I am an elite level nerd girl with a wide array of interests! As such, you may find a lot of different topics on this site. Check my interests to the right for specifics.

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